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My Resume


Content is the king, which naturally makes me a king-maker! It is high time that I reach out to people and companies that need engaging content but never knew how to contact the right people. Et Voila! We can connect here now through my website!

With a team of more than ten members specialized in content writing, SEO, PPC, email marketing, social media, and UI/UX design, I can lead 360-degree management of digital marketing. Whether it is for your website or branding the business the way you envision, we can discuss things out!

Build a powerful legacy of your brand and company through my content specialization.

Content Kingmaker

"Our job is not to create content. Our job is to change the world of the people who consume it." 

– Andrea Fryrear



Content Team Lead/Digital Account Manager
Company: CommercePundit Technologies Pvt Ltd

Today, I am happily managing e-commerce clients' A-Z content generation. From blogs, press releases, social media content, articles to guest posts, web content, web copy, and landing pages; life gave me every skillset that I could ever possibly specialize in - and I took it! I am still learning more every day!


Content Writer
Company: OpenXcell Technolabs

I kicked off the peer pressure to work on what I graduated in and followed my passion to learn professional writing in a software company. I was the quickest learner and took the spotlight for quirky content generation immediately. I loved every moment of it before I got bagged by another company for my skills.


Portfolio Associate
Company: Oceanic Industries Pvt Ltd

Right after the post-graduation diploma, I handled an investment stock portfolio for a small company's director who insisted on utilizing my major from post-graduation. At the end of the year, I realized that my heart ached for writing and not in finance. I had already valued the stock portfolio at 40% more than the initial investment value when I left this steady lucrative job.


Junior Content Writer
Company: Corona Remedies Pvt Ltd

Hesitantly pursued my passion for writing while studying for a postgraduate diploma. It was a life-changing experience as it was my first job ever. Although with a remote position, I got to hone my researching and proofreading skills. I got introduced to different English dialects and right from that point, my mind started to soar.



Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India

I pursued Post Graduate Diploma in Management that specializes in Business Entrepreneurship—majored in finance because I became obsessed with numbers played with on stock exchange and business plans. I did a minor in business marketing to keep things aligned with my Graduation.


LJ Institute of Business Administration

Pursued Bachelors's in Business Administration and majored in marketing because I always believed I had the knack for business management. It was also in my blood as it was predicted I will be the 3rd gen entrepreneur in my family. But marketing opened a whole new perspective on how people come with engaging content to attract consumers to their products.


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